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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):


1.) Q) How long for a tech to come out?                                                                       2.) Q) How long have you guys been in business?

      A) We have service within an hour                                                                               A) 20 years


3.) Q) Why don’t you quote prices?                                                                              4.) Q) Are you guys BBB rated?

      A) More realistic after inspection                                                                                 A) YES, A+


5.) Q) Tech certified?                                                                                                     6.) Q) Is Garage Door Service Licensed  BONDED INSURED?

      A) FACTORY CERT                                                                                                      A) YES


7.) Q) What kinds of kind of parts do you use?                                                                  8.) Q) What types of brands do you service?

     A) Only the Highest Quality                                                                                              A) All brands  IE LM Guardian craftsmaster, chamberlin, genie


9.) Q) What type of payment is  accepted?

      A) Cash all major credit cards, check, money orders



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